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FC 1950 Nr. 282 (07-50) 52p. (Donald Duck and The pixilated parrot)
Nr Naam Vn Titel L P Pag. Creators Code
1 Donald Duck PM.V4 Ppwweeeeeeeeeeeee Ppwweeeeeeeee Ppwweeeeeeeee Fresh Roasted Peanuts 1 1/1 COM Paul Murry (t)  
2 Donald Duck CB.V143 The pixilated parro 22 1/1 COM Carl Barks (st) D.D.O.S. 282-507
3 Donald Duck RT.V1 Pig in a poke 26 1/1 COM Riley Thomson (t)  
4 Donald Duck PM.V5 Oh oh mrs Clacker's mad again 1 1/1 COM Paul Murry (t)  
5 Donald Duck PM.V6 Lemonade all you can drink 1 1/1 COM Paul Murry (t)